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Elegant, restrained prose … compelling’ – The Sunday Times

 ‘Blisteringly eloquent’ – The Scotsman

 ‘Moving, poetic and quietly provocative’ – The Independent

Welcome to my website.

The Curiosity Cabinet, reprinted in this new revised edition by Saraband is now available in paperback (see the stunning cover image by Diana Patient above) and as an eBook on all platforms. I’m currently working on a new novel called The Posy Ring, to be published in 2018, the first part of a trilogy that will be a spin-off from The Curiosity Cabinet.

The Jewel, is all about the life and times of Robert Burns’s wife, Jean Armour.

Jean is a surprisingly neglected figure in the vast tapestry of myth, hero worship and fact surrounding Robert Burns. The material about her is there, but you have to dig to find it, which is what I’ve been doing for the past two or three years. Even Catherine Carswell, in her supposedly ground-breaking fictional account of the life of Robert Burns, published in 1930, gives the poet’s wife very short shrift. If male biographers damned Jean with faint praise, Carswell –perhaps following her mentor and friend D H Lawrence –was happy to stick the knife in and give it an extra twist, depicting Jean as the illiterate and uninspiring girl-next-door, none of which was true. That she adored the poet is undisputed. If we are to believe the evidence of many of his letters, the feeling was mutual. Arguably, the story of Rab and Jean is Scotland’s greatest untold love story.

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